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Semi Automatic Capping Machines

24 April 2017

semiautomatic-capping-machines-kk50-1ARMINPACK, Semi Automatic Capping Machines are used for capping metal twist-off caps, plastic screw caps and metal screw caps on jars and bottles.

Jar Capping Machine, Bottle Capping Machine


KK-50 Semi Automatic Capper is a portable hand held capping system which is capable of tightening Plastic Screw Caps and Metal Twist-Off Caps.

KK-50 Semi Automatic Capper is a perfect and low cost solution for the users who needs a capacity of 800 packages / hour.

* Functions with a pneumatic system.
* Takes its motion from an air motor.
* Has a plastic mould to prevent the caps from being damaged because of friction.
* Torque adjustment is done via compressed air inlet.
* Automatically functions if pressed on the cap.
* Automatically stops when reaching the desired torque for the cap.
* The Balancer on the system makes KK-50 Capper weightless and easy to operate while changing from one package to another.
* Easily installed on working tables or conveyor lines.
* Works for the standard and special sizes of caps.

CAPACITY: 800 packages/hour

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